When it comes to choosing a HVAC filter, you have many options. The most common type of air filter is a disposable filter. Another alternative air filter is the washable electrostatic filter. So, when it comes down to it, what are the differences and which is best for your home? In this post we will go over:

Different types of Disposable Filters

Disposable filters are great when it comes to trapping smaller particles, and also tend to be more affordable (at first). The type of disposable filter you choose will also be an important decision in making sure you have the best filter for your HVAC system.

1. Flat-panel & Fiberglass:

Flat-panels & Fiberglass are the most affordable option when it comes to air filters. They’re also easy to install but don’t filter out many particles.


2. Pleated Filters:

Pleated filters are the most common type of furnace filter. They can be highly efficient and durable. Pleated filters usually span MERV ratings of 5-12 and have a much-extended lifespan. Pleated filters have extended surface area for better airflow.


3. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA):

HEPA filters are usually found in commercial settings, and aren’t necessary in most homes. However, if anyone in the household suffers from allergies or a compromised immune system, a HEPA filter is typically needed. It’s also important to note that most at-home HVAC systems are not designed to support HEPA filters.

Different types of Washable filters

Washable are considered reusable filters. They are a more eco-friendly option than disposable filters. The cost you save using washable HVAC filters still results in great savings.


An electrostatic air filter is designed to trap smaller particles more efficiently than the standard air filters. Electrostatic filters are available as disposable and washable options.


2. Pleated:

Pleated filters allow for more filtration. However, they are also a higher price. Available in washable and disposable.


3. AirThreds:

Our AirThreds filters combine the benefits of electrostatic filters and washable filters. Our AirThreds filters provide MERV 8 filtration, which is an ideal capturing pollen (up to 90%), dust mites, mold, larger dust particles and helps reduce pet dander in the house. AirThreds is a great option that is eco-friendly and easy to maintain. MERV 8 filters remove most pollutants from your indoor air, and protect your HVAC.

Disposable Filters Pros and Cons


  • Disposable filters have a wide range of MERV ratings. It’s easy to find high-efficiency disposable HVAC filters that are capable of removing smaller particles like dust, emissions, and even bacteria from the air in your home.
  • They’re also super easy to maintain and install.


  • Disposable air filters must be replaced every 30-90 days. The change of these filters can add up to be pretty costly over time!
  • Disposable filters can be harmful to the environment. Most materials used in disposable filters are non-biodegradable. Especially considering these typically must be replaced every month, that can be up to 4 air filters being thrown away by each household.

Washable Filters Pros and Cons


  • One washable filter will likely last for multiple years until you have to replace it. This makes washable filters extremely cost-effective and helps reduce waste.
  • You’re in charge of how often and when they are cleaned. We even have a wash reminder so you can always keep track of your cleaning schedule.


  • Washable filters are more likely to attract and harbor mildew and mold if they are not properly dried. It’s paramount to make sure your filters are completely dry to avoid attracting mildew and mold in your filters. May struggle to filter larger particles, such as dust or mold spores.
  • Washable filters tend to have limited filter merv rating options, so you may not be able to find your preferred merv rating.

Renting vs Owning Needs

A few factors will determine which option is best for you. Whether you rent or own your property will play a factor in which option may be best for you.

If you rent a place or you move frequently, then disposable might work better so there is less of a commitment and more flexibility.

However, if you own a property or you have multiple furnaces in the house, washable will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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