Common Questions

What’s the MERV rating?

AirThreds has been third-party lab tested to provide Merv 8 filtration at 492 fpm.

Why should I use Merv 8 instead of a higher Merv like Merv 11?

Most systems can handle up to MERV 11 without any major issue. But using single-use filters, at higher MERV level, can be expensive. If you need a higher filtration level like MERV-11 or above, then AirThreds is probably not the right product for you. Most people use a MERV-8 in their homes and replacing the filter every one to three months. Airthreds can help to reduce that cost and the added waste that ends up in our landfills.

Does this help against Virus?

AirThreds filtration efficiency is based on Ashrae 52.2 Merv 8 Standards. Our furnace filter will not filter viruses, however, Airthreds filter will be able to filter some of the particles in the air that carry viruses, and bring you cleaner air

can you stack two filters for a two-inch filter height (or three for that matter)

Theoretically yes, you can. However, we have not evaluated this in our lab testing.

How effective it remains after multiple washes?

There are two parts to this answer: The two components that can wear down in an AirThreds filter are the anti-bacterial coating and the mesh that the filter is made from. Trust us though, they’re both tough! Our studies have shown that after 35 to 50 washes, the coating still maintained itself on average 80%. In terms of the mesh, testing shows that our premium German fabric is altered only 0.8% after 10 washes.

Will airthreds restrict airflow?

AirThreds is a lab tested Merv 8 filter that has the same airflow pressure drop as regular filters. Most HVAC systems in the residential and light commercial markets are designed to move 900 to 2000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at a total system static pressure of approximately .5 to .7 WG total pressure drop. AirThreds maximum pressure drop is 0.68 WG. (what is water column, unit of pressure drop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW3O7blRnWk)

Do you make customize sizes?

We do accept customized orders! Please contact hello@airthreds.com for more information! 


AirThreds offers a one-year limited warranty on all filters purchased from airthreds.com and authorized retailers with proof of purchase.

Is there a lifespan on this filter? How many times can I wash it?

We recommend purchasing a new AirThreds filter after 36 to 50 washes to maintain maximum efficiency.

What’s the rating after a few washes?

The Merv rating will remain the same up to as many as 36-50 washes.

Will it damage my washing machine?

We haven’t had that issue, but if it’s something you’re worried about, here are some suggestions. First, we recommend not washing your AirThreds with delicate items. If you don’t want to wash it by itself, throw it in with jeans or towels. Second, you can “pre-treat” by running your vacuum hose over your filter to remove excess contaminants. This is also a great solution for a quick clean between washes!

Do you have any certificates?

Yes! Our third-party testing accredited us having a MERV 8 filter, the filter was tested by a NAFA CAFS certified technician in a Lab which is certified ISO 17025. Third-party lab (NAFA ) Ashrae 52.2 standard Ashrae And TANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Are these manufactured in the USA?

We are headquartered in Denver, CO, where we do all of our product design and development. We outsource the manufacturing so we can offer AirThreds at the best possible price to our customers.

What is the maximum airflow that can go through the filter?

We’ve tested at 16*25 sized filter at 492 fpm the maximum airflow is 1708.

Do these works for forced air furnaces?

.Yes, please make sure you select the correct filter size to match your air duct.

Can it be used in air returns?

AirThreds can be used both in an air return vent and in the HVAC unit

Can it be cut down to use in smaller ducts?

Unfortunately airthreds cannot be cut down or resized since our product is made of two parts: the frame and the filter, and the frame’s size is unmodifiable. We are currently developing more standard sizes to meet more needs.


At the present time, AirThreds is offered only in a one-inch thickness.

How to wash AirThreds?


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