Winter Storms surprise the south!

Feb, 2021

"Over 4.2 million people have found themselves without power in recent days. "

In case you have missed it, Winter storms are shutting down cities in the southern US. A snowstorm that has hit 25 different states, has left over 150 million people under winter storm advisories. This storm is hitting two-fold, causing record low temperatures, and leaves many states under a blanket of snow.



While the adverse climate is sending people indoors, not everyone can enjoy the warmth of their home’s heating systems. Over 4.2 million people have found themselves without power in recent days. Some issues were caused by failures at power plants, which was the case in Texas, where over 3.2 million people found themselves without power. Forcing Texans to combat temperatures without the help of electricity. While other states had to institute rolling blackouts to prevent people’s sudden demand for power from overwhelming their power plants.

If you happen to find yourself struggling through winter storms here are some tips.

1. Sealing all doorways and windows is a great way to save on your heating bill! Rolling towels and stuffing them in the bases of windows and doors will help prevent chilly winter winds from sneaking into your home.

2. Save food from malfunctioning fridges by opening fridge doors as little as possible. In the case that your food is still warming, place refrigerator items in containers in your garage, while you can place the freezer items outside in the snow! Keep in mind that snow is still wet and can ruin cardboard and paper packaging, so it’s important to keep these items in plastic containers.

3. If you are concerned that your pipes are susceptible to freezing, letting warm water trickle through some of your faucets throughout your house will not only keep your pipes from freezing, but will also help warm your home in the case of a power outage. Keep in mind that this will raise your water bill, so use this method sparingly.

4. Another way to cut back on your energy bill is by lowering your home’s heat! This might seem extreme, but you’d be surprised how well you can fight the cold with blankets and warm socks.

5. If your power goes out, you can always support essential items with the help of generators. Keep in mind that gas generators release toxic exhaust fumes and should be kept outdoors and at least 20 ft. from your home. Also, keep gases in mind when trying to use outdoor grills and camping stoves, these products should always be used in well-ventilated areas or outside whenever possible..

6. Layers are your friends! Whether you’re braving the storm or staying at home, having layers will keep you warm and lower the cost of external heating sources.

7. For most places, wintertime brings the biggest strain to your HVAC systems. Extended periods of time indoors and increased use of your heater means you are going to make your HVAC filter dirtier, quicker. To help keep your home air running smoother and cleaner, change or clear your filter more often. Reusable filters are a great cost-cutter and help the environment too, you can purchase a machine-washable MERV 8 filter for your home at

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