6 Easy Ways To Prevent Springtime Allergies in Your Pet

If springs cause you some sniffles and coughs, you’re not alone, but the ones struggling with your springs allergies might surprise you. When high pollen and low quality air are causing you breathing issues, it is affecting your pets also! But, it’s important to know that your pets when struggling with allergies won’t show the same signs that we do. Since, our pets’ immune and respiratory systems are not designed like ours, the effects of allergies are not often coughs and sneezes, but more often take the shape of skin irritation and uncommon behavior.

For example, while dogs and cats can on occasion cough or sneeze, the more common symptoms you’ll see are:

The good news is that we can help prevent seasonal allergies and limit the effects of poor air quality by following a few easy steps.

1.Pay attention to the air you are breathing

If you begin  to notice that the air you are breathing is causing you some respiratory issues, that is a good reminder to pay a little closer to your pet to make sure that they are not also suffering from the poor air quality. It’s also not a bad idea to say up to date on the changes in your local air quality so you can take preemptive measures to keep you and your pet breathing easy.

2. Keeping your pet active

An active pet is a healthy pet and a healthy pet is less likely to be affected by air quality issues. The more athletic your pet is, the less likely their immune and respiratory health are to be affected by  bad air.

3. The age of you pet 

It’s important to know that both old and young pets are more likely to be affected by poor air quality. So understanding your pet’s age will help you determine how worried you should be about your pet.


4. Supplementing their diet

There are tons of dietary supplements that can be added to your pet’s food. These include things like fish oil and omega 3s, which will help your pet combat allergies

5. Keeping your pet clean

Giving your pets regular baths will help prevent the skin irritation associated with allergies. This is a measure that can be done both proactively and done after the onset of symptoms. Another plus to bath time is using hypo allergenic pet soap for an extra layer of protection.

airthreds air filter easy wash and dry

6. Improving your in home air

While it’s hard to regulate the quality of outdoor air, the one palace we do have some control is in the home. By using a high quality home air filter, you can help improve the quality of your air. There are many filters on the market, but a great option is one that lasts for years and can be cleaned as often as you want. You might be wondering where you can find such a filter, and the answer is at airthreds.com. Airthreds sells machine washable furnace/HVAC air filters which are rated MERV 8 and can be washed in your washing machine, and the best part is that years of healthy air for you and your pet

We  hope that you gained some insight as to how the quality of your air is affected by poor air quality, and we wish easy breathing for you and your furry friends for years to come.

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