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Home Air Filter & The Last One

You’ll Ever Need


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A clean air filter can help you save money and improve your home air quality

Save More, Waste Less

Save on replacement costs, reduce landfill waste, and lower carbon emissions.

One AirThreds
is Equal to
36 Single use
Air Filters

AirThreds® makes breathing clean air as easy as doing your laundry.

Installed this at my GrandParent’s house so I don’t need to keep buying the non-washable ones. Easy to install and is working perfectly so far. Stay green!

Sveinung S.

Worked great! The first time I changed it was last week and it really collected a ton of dust and seems to cleaned right up!

Black S.

I always had a problem inserting the filters into my A/C. They seemed to be a touch too wide for a 20×20 and got hung up. I destroyed many a filter that way. This was easy to assemble and just slid right in.

Rick W.

Youtube Review

Featured On

20 Reusable Items That Will Save You Money (And Help the Environment!)

-Taste of Home

82% of Americans Fail to Change

Their Air Filter Regularly

Dirty air filters increase motor wear, causing unnecessary repairs

The average home’s HVAC unit costs between $5,000-$6,000

Clean air filters allow for better air flow, and can save you up to 15% on electrical bills

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